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Mbozi is a voice and SMS platform enabling you access your bulk communication needs. We provide the cheapest rates around, with SMS starting at 24.UGX and Voice starting at 330.UGX

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We are releasing the simplest call centre for any organisation that would want to take control of their customers' engagement.

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Mbozi Uganda is committed to helping your organization navigate and stay connected in these challenging times. Offer effective customer service starting today, with no downtime, for all of your end-users and enterprise customers.

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  • How do i send SMS?

    You are availed with features that help you save group contacts, You can also send sms by csv file.

  • How do i place calls?

    There is a how to guide on how you can place calls and monitor their progress.

A solution for every level.

We offer tailor-made solutions for several businesses together with our partners. Among these solutions are custom-made voice applications, SMS platforms ie the use of USSD,SHORT CODES and many others.

The best prices on the market.